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Englishwoman in New York

I haven’t had a holiday for quite a few years (awwww), so when my daughter said that she had a week off work in February and did i fancy going somewhere, i thought about it…….. only for moment or two and then shouted yes! Being a photographer, of course I took my camera to document our travels.

I told her that it couldn’t be too far away and needed to be warm…………… so we booked ……. New York. That didn’t fit either did it!

But what a city.  If you have never been, then all i can say is go. Go and walk everywhere. It’s an amazing city.  You cannot comprehend how tall everything is. How noisy everywhere is. How blinkin fabulous it all is. One word of advise, take your camera, become a photographer, even if you just use your phone.

We only scratched the surface and didn’t complete the list of places we wanted to see.  What we did do was walk over 40 miles, drank lots of cawfee, ate pancakes, saw great sights, shopped, slept and had an amazing time.

Here are some of the photos i took during our 5 days there.  Taken on Samsung phone, Canon G5X or Fuji XPro1.

We visited Central Park, Tiffany, Rockerfella Centre, Empire State Building, enjoyed the Harbour tour around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and also stumbled across a familiar looking person in Bloomingdales.  SJP herself eeeek!  and this was the day before we headed out on the Sex and the City tour.

New York

New York City