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Jessie & Kieran | Swynford Manor

Jessie & Kieran | Swynford Manor

Swynford Manor Newmarket is an elegant mix of modern and contemporary style in a rustic setting, very close to Cambridge. I love photographing weddings here and was delighted to be back for Jessie and Kieran’s big day.

The Garden room was being decorated when I arrived with all the bits on the tables and floral accents. The girls were busy in one of the bedrooms having hair and makeup. I couldn’t resist hanging Jessie’s gorgeous Randy Fenoli wedding dress up in one of the bedrooms near the amazing Copper Bath. The colours looked wonderful together.

My assistant met up with the boys and headed outside with a couple of umbrellas to enjoy the garden surroundings.

Unfortunately, the rain stopped us going outside after the ceremony but we made full use of the Study for the formal family group photos.  After the Wedding Breakfast, I am not sure who was more excited about the Candy van that was set up on the driveway. Who can resist olf fashioned sweets? You know, the ones you haven’t seen for years.

Congratulations to you both, your wedding was so elegant and so much fun x

In their own words

Where did you first meet?

At explorers, which is after Scouts. My best friend at the time forced me to go! I was very happy that I did because I met some amazing people and obviously Kieran.

Who popped the question and how?

Kieran! Over the top of Freya’s highchair whilst I was feeding her breakfast.

Wedding planning, the good, bad and fabulous

I found planning the wedding really fun! There weren’t any stressful moments in the planning. The only slightly challenging part was trying to arrange for the bridesmaids to try on dresses, due to university and sixth form. The best part, by far, was going to the wholesalers and choosing flowers! My mum, auntie Amanda, my sister Natasha and my cousin Kayleigh had so much fun when we bought flowers back in May as a trial! Then actually doing the flowers ourselves just days before the wedding was amazing! We had such a laugh and we were so proud of our creations! It was brilliant! We stayed the night before the wedding, at Swynford, and we were up decorating the venue well past midnight! But even then we spent the time laughing and enjoying ourselves.

How was day through your eyes?

Quick! It was perfect! A year worth of planning all came together and I was so proud of what we had achieved! Being pampered in the morning was so so so lovely! Swynford bought up food for us and we just had a lovely relaxing morning! I was calm right until I was waiting to walk down the aisle! Hearing the harp play and seeing my daughters and my cousin’s daughter as flower girls and walking down and then my sister and Kieran’s sisters as well, it was overwhelming. I stood holding onto my dad trying not to cry, I didn’t want my makeup to run! Haha! Walking down the aisle to the harp was perfection! She played so beautifully! The children during the ceremony made me smile and Kieran and I managing to stuff up parts of our vowels was hilarious and will be remembered by everyone! After the ceremony being able to chat with all our friends and family and just relaxing and enjoying our efforts was lovely!

What was your favourite part of the day

The ceremony! We had a laugh and it was extremely memorable! Freya wouldn’t wear her shoes, none of the flower girls threw their petals, me trying to find Kieran’s ring in a mass of rose petals in Emilia’s basket! The children providing background noise and Making me smile! The harp playing beautifully! Kieran dropping my ring and swearing when he stuffed up his vowels. It was just perfect and everything I had ever hoped for and much much much more!

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides or what would you change?

My main tip would be to enjoy every single part of it! Don’t stress because it isn’t worth it. I wasn’t stressed at all during the planning and during the day and it made it so much more enjoyable.

Who were your suppliers?

Flowers we did ourselves ( my mum, Auntie Amanda, Kayleigh and Natasha). Dress from Tailor’s Cat, designed by Randy Fenoli. Hair and makeup by Paige Richards. Suit Hugo Boss. The wedding cake was Kieran’s, Aunt Jen. The DJ was lovelight entertainment. The harpist was Harriet Flather. Sweet van by Sue Popcott Venue styling was all ourselves. Oh, and bridesmaids dresses were Motee maids from Shades of White. Alterations by the Bridal pixie.






See the full Gallery HERE soon

Are you planning a wedding?  I’d love to hear more. Contact me here

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    Amazing photos! X


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