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Mothers Day

We all have one, we all love her. She’s what makes us……… us! Our Mum.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching… I know where did the last year go?  You have probably bought your mum almost every gift out there by now. My kids say I am difficult to buy for. But, for those of you who are looking for that special gift, why not consider a family portrait session? Or a Mother-daughter treat for the two of you?

There are so many different types of gifts to give your mum nowadays. Beautiful flower arrangements, fabulous chocolates in a pretty gift box but a set of beautiful family portraits will capture a moment in your family life that will be cherished forever.  It’s also the perfect excuse to get all the family together for the day.

The reality of a busy life means that mothers often don’t feel beautiful. After cleaning up their child’s latest “art installation” in the living room, ironing 3 school uniforms and clearing up the dishes, most women don’t feel that they are “glowing with beauty”, instead, they just feel tired and messy.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to show how much you appreciate your mother this Mother’s Day? Show her how beautiful she is by arranging a family photo shoot session for her.

The best photos are when you can be you. Grab your wellies, and let’s go and explore the woods, the beach, the local fields.  Bring the dog and make it a proper family photo.
To me, these photographs capture childhood at its very best with children and adults relaxed and having fun. I love nothing more than capturing your family’s memories outside in the beautiful countryside and even on the beaches. No need for clinical white backdrops, no studio lights flashing away and no ‘best’ clothes.

These sessions are about grabbing your wellies and getting out in the fresh air with you and your children running around in fields till their heart’s content.

A lot of my families come back year after year, so I can capture their growing families and create lifelong memories. After the session you can choose from stunning wall art, gallery displays, as well as albums, prints and digital files so you can really make the most of every single image.

Please get in touch to arrange your session. Read more about my family sessions here

I can’t wait to meet you and create some wonderful lifelong memories for you. See some of my other family sessions here. More information about Family Sessions can be found here.

I even have a handy What to Wear Guide, so there’s no excuse for not knowing what to wear, and also a great excuse to go shopping.