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Tipi Farm Wedding

Carolyn & Luke | Tipi Farm Wedding

I love a local farm wedding and especially a local Young Farmers wedding. This was my first Tipi wedding and it was pretty fabulous. Amazing views over the Cambridgeshire countryside and a stunning sunset to finish off the evening. Well it wasn’t the sunset but some crazy antics, but more about that later.

I met with the boys at Upwood Church, or rather The Cross Keys pub just a few doors down from the church. The boys were having a drink in the very welcome sunshine, after the few days of rain we had previously. Guests arriving for the ceremony soon joined them in the garden.

Carolyn arrived right on time, although everyone expected her to be late, in a Fiat 500. A quick veil adjustment and she was soon walking down the aisle to meet her man.

Luke drove the newlyweds in his tractor, through the local town of Ramsey and back to their farm where the celebrations really kicked off under the canvas and the Tipi wedding reception could begin.

The speeches were a great mix of emotions and plenty of laughs, enjoyed by all the guests. When I met with Carolyn and Luke before they booked me for their wedding, she had mentioned that she would love to have some photos in a field of Barley. Luke wasn’t too keen but on the day, right by the Tipi’s was a swaying and swishing field of Barley. Just perfect.

After the first dance as the sky was turning to glorious orange hues, we headed out for a couple of more photos. Out of the corner of her eye, Carolyn saw some of the boys heading towards her house. Knowing the things that Young Farmers get up to, she was wondering just what they would be up to. As I left to go home, I found out exactly what they had been doing!

In their words

Where did you first meet?

We first met at a Young Farmers party, there was a lot of drinking involved so

Who asked who and how

Luke asked me at the end of harvest on our farm in September 2015. We were in the combine harvester at sunset and I turned to look at Luke and he was holding a little box- I have never been so shocked in my life!

Wedding planning, good, bad and fabulous

I wanted a long engagement as we’re only planning to get married once so what’s the rush? So we had lots of time to find the perfect suppliers and sweet talk our friends and family to help out. Because we got married at home with a Tipi Wedding, there was a lot more to consider than if we had just gone to a venue which I didn’t realise for a start but I found quite stressful. I just wrote tonnes of lists (that I kept losing) and eventually, everything came together!

How was day through your eyes?

To me, the day was perfect. Everything had us written all over it- relaxed and laid back. All the stress of the last couple of weeks just melted away as soon as I saw Luke at the front of the church and the rest of the day was a total blur! It’s true that it goes so fast and after the church, you don’t really see much of each other but it was so nice to catch up with friends and family we don’t get to see all the time!

What was your favourite part of the day

Probably the meal. Partly because Matt is fabulous and the food was amazing, but I also love a bit of a speech! It made me so happy and proud to look out at our guests having a fab time, eating, chatting and laughing and I could just relax and know that we’d done it all, our hard work had paid off and it was all worth it to see the people we love enjoying themselves.

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides

I would say know your budget, but don’t let it dictate everything you do. Prioritise, and you can make savings in areas you’re not so bothered about so you can up the budget in the areas that are really important to you. Make use of the people around you- we were so lucky to have friends and family that could do food, flowers, help make decorations and do a bit of heavy lifting, we could never have done it without them and it saved us a lot of money in the long run. Don’t be afraid to call in favours- most of the time people are happy to be asked and are keen to help!

Who were your suppliers?

Flowers at the venue were done by a family friend, my bouquets and buttonholes were from Flowers by Nicola Jayne in Huntingdon. Tipis were from Events Under Canvas, the dress was from Confetti & Curves designer was White Rose Bridal. The cake was made by Luke’s Auntie, DJ was one of the ushers, suits were from Vow Bridal at Wansford, hair & makeup were done by the bridesmaids, transport was my dad’s Fiat 500 and then our tractor! Food was from Matt Elliott at Piggin’ Great.

Drop me a message to chat about your wedding? Tipi wedding, barn wedding or fabulous venue, get in touch and tell me all about it.

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  1. Larrae Abblitt

    Wow!! .. Brilliant photos capturing a truly fantastic, magical day!! .. A day a very proud mum and mother-in-law will always remember.


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