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Small Weddings can still be AMAZING

Intimate Halloween Wedding in Cambridgeshire

Maryann & Jeff held their small wedding on Halloween.   A micro wedding with a difference and lots and lots of Pumpkins, well it was Halloween. Very close friends and family were there to support these two who were destined to be together after a long-distance relationship. Jeff’s family and Best Man travelled from Holland and had to stay in Isolation before the wedding. That’s dedication and love for you.

Their intimate wedding moved from Colne Church to The Barns Restaurant, Pidley. More confetti, celebrating with Champagne, dinner and speeches were the order of the day with a Sparkler first dance send-off.  This wasn’t quite the end of the day as after a short ride to St Ives, the newlyweds and chief bridesmaid went into McDonald’s.  This ended their wedding day how they spent their first date, at a table with a box of nuggets and was how my final short wedding of 2020 finished.

Congratulations guys xx

In their own words

Where did you first meet?

On the Internet! We then physically first met when I (Mary Ann) flew to The Netherlands at 17 years old for New Year’s 2013 (into 2014) and to make sure we both wanted me to stay for the rest of the week we went to McDonald’s! Also, so I could understand what I was eating as I’d never travelled outside of the UK apart from a day trip to Calais when I was 2!

Who popped the question and how?

Jeff surprised me in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Paris!

Wedding planning, the good, bad and fabulous?

The good – all the DIY and showing Jeff some crafting tricks from Mary Ann’s super crafty mum!

The bad – all the constant changing due to corona rules.

The fabulous – the amount of support and love we got even from Jeff’s friends and family over in the Netherlands due to all the constant changes

How was day through your eyes?

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and surreal that we’d finally got married!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Jeff – the food! Mary Ann – the time alone with you Liz after the ceremony to just have time to take it in that we’d actually got married!

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides or what would you change?

If something doesn’t feel right or giving you bad vibes, change it! Don’t do things because you feel you should, do/ have things because you want to/them.

Who were your suppliers?

Flowers – self-made using flowers from Country Baskets, Dress – Peter’s Bridal Warehouse, Hair – Bridesmaid Becca, Makeup – self,  Suit – Next, Car – Platinum Executive and Private Hire, Wedding Cake – One Part Love Bakery,  Venue – The Barn Restaurant Pidley, All decorations etc were handmade!

“I’ll protect you from the hooded claw. Keep the vampires from your door”

Groom getting ready for his wedding day

Corona wedding accessory - the face mask

Bride's shoes and flowers

Father of the Bride seeing his daughter for the first time

Bride arriving at the church

Grooma nd guests waiting in Colne Village church for the Bridesmaids walking in  Bride walking into church        Bride and Groom leaving Church after just getting married  Bride and Groom at Colne Village Church  Cambridge Wedding Photographer        Cambridge wedding photographers  Winter Wedding Photographer              Wedding reception at The Barns Restaurant Pidley    Bridesmaids at Micro Wedding    One Part Love Wedding Cake      Sparklers at a wedding      Bride and Groom at McDonalds  Bride and Groom celebrating at McDonalds St Ives          Bride and Groom at McDonalds St Ives

Planning a Micro, Small, Mini or normal size wedding, then drop me a message and let’s chat all things wedding




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