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Cambridge Wedding Photographer | Scott & Lydia | Ramsey 1940’s Camp |

Scott & Lydia

Ramsey 1940’s Camp

The 1940’s Camp at Ramsey is the perfect blank canvas for anyone wanting a completely unique and personal wedding their own way.  Scott & Lydia’s wedding was just that Unique and a whole lot of fun.

As a Cambridge wedding photographer, I get to go to loads of venues but this one is literally 5 minutes from my house. How perfect is that?  As soon as I arrived with Lydia at their home it was full of giggles and these lasted all day.  Lydia has such a wonderful personality, friendly, bubbly and fun and all these traits were clearly showing in their wedding.

Scott got ready at another village and everyone met up at Thomas a Beckett Church in Ramsey for the wedding. Becky was conducting the ceremony and I just love it when she is in charge.

The party started just around the corner at the 1940’s camp and the most amazing Marshmallows to roast over a fire pit, from The Marshmallowist.  My favourite was the Gin one, well it would be wouldn’t it.

As soon as she could Lydia made a beeline for the bouncy castle. Converse were off and the bouncing commenced.

We had a wonderful sunset towards the end of the evening. Living in the Fens and being so flat the colours of the sky seem to smother as far as the eye can see.

Congratulations guys on an awesome day x

In their own words

Where you first meet

We met at Planet of Sound night club in 2006 but didn’t get together until about 10 years later. As they say, good things come to those who wait!

Who asked who and how

Buddle snuck off to Switzerland to buy the ring then he proposed after sending Lydia off for a manicure and whilst she was gone, filled the flat with 1000 yellow daisies.

Wedding planning, good, bad and fabulous

Wedding planning was pretty much a breeze. We planned the day by thinking about what we would enjoy if we were guests and that way, we made it fun and minimised waiting around. We picked the major items first like the venue, the church and the photographer. We wanted to add special things that defined us as a couple like the Marshmallowist. We chilled after that for around a year then planned all the little bits. Wedding planning is more fun when you include family and friends, Lydia’s dad made all the invites, table decorations and lawn games for the day. The only bad part of planning is it becomes your life for the last month or so whilst you wonder if you’ve got everything done!

How was day through your eyes?

Best day ever! We both felt the day was amazing but like everyone says it goes too quickly.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Buddle says the few quiet minutes signing the register. Lydia would say it was walking into the church and seeing everyone, particularly Buddle. However, if pressed we’d both say the bouncy castle!

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides

Don’t get caught up on having a visually ‘perfect’ wedding, make sure you have fun. Don’t get too bogged down in timings, take cues from the guests on when to start speeches or do the first dance etc. Serve champagne, not fizz, and serve it yourself, it’s a nice way to make sure to talk to everyone.

Who were your suppliers?

Flowers from Wild Frost Somersham. Dress was House of Mooshki, bought at Fairy tale weddings Towcester. Hair by Laurrie Ewing. Make up by Emma at Luxe Beauty Whittlesey. Suit was Charles Tyrwhitt. Wedding cake was windmill bakery Ramsey. Venue stylist Kelsey Smith. DJ was Mardi Gras disco. Food was the moody pig hog roast and the Marshmallowist who were both amazing.

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