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Rainbow of Colour for Same Sex Wedding

Rainbow of Colour for Same-Sex Wedding | Callum & Simon

Don’t choose one colour when you can have a whole rainbow of colour at your wedding. There was such a fun element to Callum and Simon’s same-sex wedding in the summer, it felt like one big party. Even Ralph had his own rainbow bowtie when his two Dad’s tied the knot at Toft Country House Hotel in Lincolnshire.

Simon works for a local coach company so of course, your wedding day transport has to be an old double-decker bus. It was the perfect transport for both Grooms, Ralph and the Bridesmaids in their super fun swirly dresses the short distance from their home to the wedding venue.

The ceremony was a complete mix of the usual emotions at wedding, smiles, laughs and one or two tears. The reading was one I hadn’t heard before and was wonderful. If you get the chance then check out WH Auden You’re My Cup of Tea.

Heading out into the sunshine and the grounds overlooking the Lincolnshire countryside everyone had a chance to mingle and chat and head over to the large inflatable and bouncy castle.  I really do not know who was having the most fun out there, the little kids or the big ones, it was certainly keeping everyone entertained for the afternoon.

Callum said that they weren’t sure what decoration to have on the cake, they knew they wanted colour but wasn’t sure how. They left the final design in the safe hands of Crowland Cake Company, who came up with the cascade of rainbow discs which I think look fab. We have even incorporated the same design theme on their Wedding Album. A wonderful unique touch to their wedding day.

Congratulations boys, such a fun filled day, perfect for you both.

Are you planning a same-sex wedding, then let me know what you have planned. Drop me a message here or email me

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  1. Simon Court

    We cannot thank you enough, Liz. It really was such a fun day and your photos captured that perfectly. Just looking through them brings such a smile to my face. Thank you.


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