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Headshot – Selfie or Professional photo?

Professional Headshot or Phone Selfie?

We all have amazing phones in our pockets that take fantastic photos. How many selfies do we all take these days, holiday snaps, pictures of the cat? I know I take loads.  Can you really use a phone selfie as a professional headshot photo and showcase you, your brand.  I say no, but then I would as I am a Headshot photographer.

To get the best from your selfie, you need the right light, the right angle, the right background. Sounds like a bit of a faff doesn’t it and we haven’t even started on the editing.  In a nutshell, it’s so much easier to hand over getting the best professional headshot photo of you that you can to a photographer, just like me.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a studio-based headshot or more of a branding session in your workplace, I know how to work with all locations, different light situations and have equipment on hand to solve problems. I am here to help guide you with what to wear and the most important thing, help you relax and get the best version of you that we can in print.

I headed over to see Simon Clark from Simon Clark Digital last week. We both attend a Business Networking meeting on a Thursday morning, Riverport Business Club.  After hearing about the benefits of having the right headshot for your business, Simon booked me.  We came up with some ideas, clothes to wear and locations to use.  I listened to all his fears about having his photo taken, we all have them, I know I do!  Throughout the process, I was keen to show the photos on the back of the camera so Simon could see how we were progressing.  I think he was pleased with the end result.

She is great, super professional and great at what she does. She made me feel at ease throughout the whole way through and really understood my needs. The end product was great. Liz sent me over about 30-40 images to look at and I chose the ones that I liked and wanted to use and within a matter of days, I had the final images through that I wanted to share with you all.” Simon Clark

Professional v Phone Selfie

Professional Headshot Photos

Professional Headshot

If you have something in mind we can create a mood board to get the right feel to the images you want to end up with. Pinterest is great for ideas. I have a few boards that you can look through to help with your Branding Headshots. We can include work items and other team members or it can be all about you. The choice is yours.  Read more about my Corporate Photography here.

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