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Flower Arrangement

A guide of how to make your own

Those who know me well, know that my very good friend Louise owns Wild Frost Cafe in Ramsey. Not only the best place for coffee and cake but beautiful wedding bouquets, gifts and flower arrangements. If you haven’t been, then you need to!


A couple of weeks ago we created a how-to guide for The Fens Magazine, on how to create your own table arrangement. Perfect for Christmas or anytime of the year if you add different foliage. At Christmas, Louise runs wreath making classes and these sell out in next to no time.

We had a lot of fun getting creative and even Sid gave us a hand!

But here is your chance to get tips on how to make your own.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own flower arrangement

You Will Need

  • a sharp knife
  • an oasis ring
  • basic foliage such as conifer or berried ivy
  • foliage from a Florist such as Pistacia leaf, Eucalyptus populous/cinerea and Olive leaves
  • filler flowers – eryngium (thistle), skimmia, rosehips or hypericum berries
  • five or seven roses
  • cylinder vase and a pillar candle

Step 1 Submerge your oasis in water in advance, allow it to naturally soak up the water. Don’t try to plunge it in. This only takes a few minutes.

Step 2

Begin with your foliage. Starting from the outer edge, insert your foliage at an angle. Berried ivy, hardy foliage from your garden, eucalyptus and conifer are perfect plants to use for the base of your arrangement.  Trim each piece to ensure it fits into the oasis nice and cleanly, around 3 inches is perfect. Keep turning as you place your foliage in so the base has an even coverage. Don’t forget to add it higher up the oasis too.

Step 3

Now it’s time to add some colour and texture. Pick a flower filler, a plant which is between a foliage and a flower, to add some depth. Plants such as skimmias are ideal for this, but have a look in your own garden or local florist. Thistles are also good for adding a different dimension and texture – just remember to trim the plant first before inserting.


Step 4

Placing your vase in now is a good idea. Add in pine cones and roses for a festive touch, remembering to stick to the rule of odd numbers – five or seven should be just right. Place the roses on the side and top to ensure the arrangement looks good at every level. What you choose to place on your oasis is up to you. Dried fruit and flowers can be easily picked up or made at home, or you could keep your design simple and elegant. All good florists and hobby craft shops sell an array of decorations if you have limited time to make your own.

Your arrangements should last up to a week if you keep it watered. But if all this sounds like a bit too much, then pop along and see Louise and order one in time for Christmas and grab a coffee while you are there.

See more of Louise’s gorgeous flowers on my blog here


If you need photos for your website or branding then drop me a line here

Don’t forget you can pick up a copy of The Fen Magazine in local shops including Wild Frost, Walnut Tree Designs and The Windmill Bakery