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Cambridge Wedding Photographer | The Bell Inn

Cambridge Wedding Photographer | The Bell Inn Stilton | Michaela & Gary

It’s always lovely to go back theThe Bell for a wedding and see Jo and the staff.

Michaela was upstairs with her daughter when i arrived, hair nearly complete and make up ready to be done.  We had the luxury of the use of two rooms.  Things usually get a bit frantic once the dress goes on, but not today.  I don’t think that i have ever had so much time with a Bride before a ceremony.

Gary…….. he wasn’t keen on having photos taken of himself, well not many of us do, but on your wedding day, it’s kind of expected.  There are some great shots of him opening his gift from Michaela, you could see the absolute joy in his face as he unwrapped his path block for the new West Ham Stadium.

I managed to grab a few shots of the boys outside before we were so rudely photobombed by Rebecca from White Rose Ceremonies, who would be conducting the service.  I’ve known Rebecca for quite a while, but this was the first time we had worked together.

The beauty of having a Civil Celebrant conduct your wedding, means you can do exactly what you want and personalise it to suit you. Michaela and Gary’s ceremony was perfect, a lot of smiles, lots of love and a few giggles.  Though not as many as in the rehearsal i hear!

There were a few giggles and lots of puzzled expressions when the guests entered for the Wedding Breakfast.  Gary had made anagrams of all the guests names, including me.  What a fantastic, unique thing to do.

If you are planning your wedding then I would love to hear from you. Just click here.

Wedding at The Bell Inn

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Wedding at The Bell Inn Stilton

Cambridge Wedding Photographer


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