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Cambridge Elopement

Cambridge Elopement | Andrew & Adriana

Cambridge is a beautiful City whatever the season and a wonderful City for a Wedding. Andrew and Adriana’s wedding was just that little bit different to any of the weddings that I have photographed before. Firstly, I hadn’t met them, which is a little unusual for me. Secondly, they only booked me a week before the wedding and thirdly they live in America and wouldn’t be in the UK until the day before the wedding. Lastly, the wedding would involve the Bride, the Groom a Celebrant and me on a Punt. A very intimate wedding or should I say Elopement.

So at 8.30am on a chilly but bright Winter morning in January I got my first glimpse of the happy couple as they walked towards me. We met at Scudamore’s at the bottom of Mill Lane where a private Punt tour had been arranged. With a few tentative nervous steps, we embarked on the Punt. That was me being nervous, as I really don’t like boats at all. So I took a deep breath, embraced my fear and we sailed off. Well not sailed but you know what I mean.

As we passed under the Mathematical Bridge next to Queens College Rebecca from White Rose Ceremonies began the ceremony as we glided past well-known views of Cambridge. With Kings College to our right, Andrew read his personal vows to Adriana. It was a perfect moment, the sun appeared and cast a glorious glow over them both.

To seal their Marriage a handfasting ceremony was included to symbolize their love and devotion each other before exchanging rings. At this point we had someone else join us. A beautiful white swan glided gracefully up to us and lead the way along the River Cam and stayed with us until the end of the ceremony.

We finished with another tour of the City along the river, sipping champagne and chatting, then headed off on foot around the streets of Cambridge. I left this wonderful couple to enjoy their first lunch as Husband and Wife, and to enjoy England for the week before heading back home to tell everyone the wonderful news. I would have loved to see their faces.

Where you first meet


Who asked who and how

Andrew asked Adriana, on a hike at the top of the mountain

Wedding planning, good, bad and fabulous

Fairly smooth planning. A little challenging and unique since we were in a different country during the planning phase, but everything worked out smoothly.

How was day through your eyes?

It was very pleasant. We had a wonderful time out on the river during the ceremony and taking photos afterwards around town.

What was your favourite part of the day

A swan floated up to the boat during our vows. It was perfect timing.

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides

Everything will be just fine. Focus on the bigger picture to make sure you achieve the important things, and all the little details will work themselves out

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Elopement in Cambridge

Winter Elopement in Cambridge

Elopement and ceremony on a Punt in Cambridge Cambridge Elopement


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