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Prints V’s Digital

Prints V’s Digital

There is often a bit of confusion about the difference between prints and digital and I get asked lots of questions, so here’s the explanation.


A print is an image printed on photographic paper. Something that you can frame straight away. You can choose many different sizes for a print. It’s always best to think about how you will be displaying your prints as they will need to be protected in a frame.

All prints should have a mount around them to let the ink and paper breath. Mine come in a little folder to help you do this. I use a professional photographic lab to print your images, and they are of very high quality.

When you order your prints, you are not simply paying for a piece of paper. You are buying a copy of an image, of artwork and it is the image ON the paper that gives it its value, just like a bank note.

A print is for you only, and it is illegal to attempt to create more copies from it.


I use a digital camera and the images captured are in digital format. You need certain programmes to read and edit these files. The files are turned into images on a computer, edited and then created into the final image you then purchase.

These digital files are what you may then choose to buy, and are usually supplied to you on a USB, or sent to you via a download link.

When you choose to buy digital images, you will pay more than for the same image as a print. There is a good reason for that.

With digital images, you also have printing rights with them which means you have the right to print from those files for personal use only, as often as you wish. With a paper print, you have one copy only.


There are limitations with digital files too. You can print them, but you cannot alter or change them in any way.

It is illegal for you to add a filter, change the colour, or do anything else to them, and I’d like to think you love it as it is and wouldn’t want to change it anyway.

Also, you do not own the copyright as by law that always stays with me, the photographer. Don’t let this worry you though, as the copyright would be of no use to you anyway. Printing rights are all you need.

Digital files you pay for are quite big, and you will need a computer to download them if they are emailed to you, not a phone.

If you have your files on a USB you COULD simply take it to a shop with a printing machine, but I would advise against that due to quality. High street printers who print paper prints from digital files are NOT the same high quality as the professional lab I use and may well ruin your images. The colours will not be as they are intended and will just look wrong. They also will not last as long as a profession lab print will

Images I post online have my watermark on them to help prevent theft.

Please Do NOT remove an image from my Facebook or Instagram, even if it is of your family/baby/wedding. It is my image until such time as you have paid for it in some form, and images I put online are watermarked, resized and will not print well due to being of poor quality. It’s better for you to wait to get the full resolution version and print from that.

You are free to tag and share it though, and when you get your own digital images you can pop them on your Facebook if you’d like to.

Once you pay for an image the High-Resolution copies will not be supplied to you with my watermark on. I can supply you with resized Social Media versions for you to post and they will have a discreet watermark on them.

There is no such thing as a digital print.

I hope this helps but do email us if you have any questions.