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Newborn Photography – When should I book a session?

Newborn Photography Sessions

Congratulations on your cute little bundle. This blog will help you on your search to book a newborn photographer.

Your newborn baby will never be this little again: from the way they look so tiny in your arms to their tiny little toes and fingers.

Capturing, preserving those memories and all the details of this special time on your life is what a newborn photography session is about.

As a Cambridge Newborn & Family Photographer, I offer a range of packages and products to help you capture your little one from birth onward.


So when should you book your newborn photography session?

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked. Sometimes Mums to be will answer ‘great, I’ll be in touch as soon as the baby is here. Which of course is absolutely fine, but I cannot guarantee I will be able to fit you in when your little one arrives. Booking in advance is always preferable. I limit the number of Newborn sessions that I do so that you can come here and relax. I have a purpose-built studio in my garden, it is quiet and relaxing and you can sit back with your feet up if you want to.

Most of my clients book their sessions as soon as they have had their 20-week scan.  As a newborn & baby photographer, I have to be flexible. For me to provide a service that is fully flexible around you and your newborn baby means that I limit the session that I book in. As you may know, I photograph weddings, families and babies too.

A newborn baby swaddled in a wrap on a white blanket fast asleep

Number one: Research -ask questions before you book

Wonderful, you have decided you would like a newborn photography session to capture this amazing moment in your life. So now start researching. There is a huge array of photographers out there, but the important thing is that you find the right one for you.

Do you like their style of work? We all work and edit photos differently. Have a look online at their galleries. Are these the styles of photos you would like your baby in and can you see them on the wall in your home?  My style is natural and only lightly posed. I love the picture to be about your baby and not props, hats or outfits.  I love neutral and pastel colours but that doesn’t mean we can’t work with colour if you want to.

Have you thought about having an At Home session rather than a Studio session?  These are much more relaxed and in the surroundings of your own home. Perfect for showing the bond of your new little family.

Have they had training in Newborn Photography specifically? Ask questions about the training they have done. Newborn photography is very specialised and your little bundle is so precious. You will pay more for a trained newborn photographer, but safety really does come first.

Are they within your budget? Photography services of all kinds, and particularly with newborn photography, is very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Newborn photography as mentioned requires a lot of expertise, safety training and patience.  Photography is an investment, for you and your family for years to come. Your photographs in print will become the heirlooms of generations of your family. The window for a newborn session is very small – you only get one chance!

Now you have a shortlist of local photographers, contact them as early in your pregnancy as you can to ask any questions you might have about their services, style, experience, training and the products they offer after your session. When you have chosen your ideal newborn photographer, book in to secure your space!

A newborn baby lying on a white blanket asleep. IN another picture the same baby is lying wrapped in a white blanket surrounded by his family wearing white shirts

So now your session is booked……..

Number two: Confirm your booking

I am absolutely delighted that you have decided to put your trust in me to capture this very special time in this amazing journey! The first thing I do is send you out and ask you to complete a booking form, sign a contract and pay your session fee, all done online. This confirms your session and guarantees that once your little one has arrived, we can confirm a date. Please get in touch with me, usually within 48 hours and I will work with you to find a date within the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival for you to visit the studio and create some memories. Ideally, 6-10 days is perfect.

I pencil in a date approximately 7 days or so after your due date. This is to make sure that you secure one of my limited sessions.

A mother and father holding a newborn baby between their arms. A newborn baby wrapped in a blanket lying on a bed

Number three: Relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, oh and let’s keep in touch!

I’d like to keep in touch with you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. A little email here, a text message there, just to see how you are.   I am thinking of you, and I am genuinely as excited about your new arrival as you are!

Don’t forget that I also offer Maternity sessions. These are amazing memories of such a beautiful time in your life. They can be studio-based or outside somewhere picturesque. The choice is yours.

Maternity photographer in Cambridge

Maternity photographer


Number four: Welcome to the world little one!

Congratulations to you all! Hopefully, everything went well and Mummy and Baby are recovering nicely and Daddy is over the moon. Don’t forget in this busy period to let me know as soon as possible ideally within 48 hours of arrival. We can then confirm a time and date for you to visit the studio for your newborn photography session.

I know that your visit to my studio may be the first trip out since coming home from the hospital, and this may be a little daunting! Please don’t worry if you are running a few minutes late, just pop me a message to let me know.   I have had three children myself and fully understand. I will be waiting for you with a fully stocked biscuit tin and a Nice cup of tea. There are hot and cold drinks on tap so you can sit back and relax for a couple of hours while I work with your gorgeous little one to create your gallery of memories.

A llittle girl with long blonde hair leans over to kiss her baby sister who is lying on a bed in a blanket asleep

Are you ready to find out more? I’d love to have a chat! Or have a look at my Newborn Information here


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