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Beth & Micheal Sheene Mill Wedding Highlights

Cambridge Wedding Photographer | Beth & Micheal | Sheene Mill

Everyone wants a perfect sunny day for their wedding, but if you have rain on your wedding day, the best thing to do is embrace it.  Put a smile on your face and enjoy making memories. That’s exactly what Beth & Micheal did for their Sheene Mill wedding.

As Beth mentions the rain in the morning woke her up. I don’t know about you, but I love the sound of rain pattering against a window, but I know it’s not what you want on your wedding day when you have planned an outside ceremony.

Plans were changed and everything moved inside. We luckily had a break in the weather and could move outside for the group photos. The is such a pretty view over the water to the summer house, with the resident Swan, Will watching over the proceedings.

I am sure everyone had an amazing day and totally forgot about the weather. There was certainly some crazy dance moves happing on the dance floor that night!

In their own words

Where you first meet

We meet at Jesus college.

Who asked who and how

We went to Venice to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, we were on a gondola exploring the city when Micheal got down on one knee, and of course, I said yes!

Wedding planning, good, bad and fabulous

I loved wedding planning, we went to a lot of wedding fairs, I found it exciting finding suppliers that do exactly what you’re looking for and loved meeting people. Micheal took a back seat with the planning but he did decide on putting prawn cocktail on the menu….which I’ll never hear the end of haha.

How was day through your eyes?

I woke up at 4 in the morning to the sound of rain jumping off the millpond outside, I remember thinking yes! If it’s raining now hopefully it will clear up later, I then fell back asleep. Waking up at 8 I realized my wishful thinking was oh so very wrong…still chucking it down! I soon came to grips with the fact that the outside summer wedding I’d planned was going to be you British summer wash out! Whilst getting my hair and makeup done the rain playing off the millpond made for a tranquil background noise, and I feel this helped keep me calm all morning. Seeing all the suppliers arrive made it so exciting, I loved my boutique from Becky at feather and ferns. After getting my dress on the nerves began to creep in….this is really happening! Walking through to the ceremony room was an experience I’ll never forget with endless umbrellas protecting us all from the elements. Walking down the aisle I was determined I wasn’t going to cry as when I start I just can’t stop. The ceremony room was dressed beautifully and it was lovely to look out onto the millpond and pavilion. The ceremony went by in a flash. It was lovely to chat to everyone at the drinks reception and show my uncle my nanna’s badge I had to fasten my bouquet, to make sure there was something of hers at the wedding as I know she would have loved to be there. The weather gave us a break and we could have photos outside which was amazing! The day went by so quickly the hours seemed like minutes before we knew it it was speech and wedding breakfast time. I loved listening to the speeches and thought everyone done a great job. The food was absolutely delicious if only I could have eaten more but my tight dress didn’t allow it haha. The evening was mostly spent in the photo booth or on the dance floor. It was so nice to relax and just let loose in the evening. Micheal and I had the best day, the only problem is we want to do it all again now!

What was your favourite part of the day

There are so many little moments throughout the day which I loved, but probably my favourite part was watching Micheal let loose on the dance floor. It was so nice dancing the night away with our friends and family.

Any tips you learnt along the way which may be useful for other brides

If you are organised you have nothing to worry about. And don’t worry about the weather…you get some great photos in the rain!

Who were your suppliers?

Florist – Feather and Ferns,  Dress – Wed 2 Be, Hair – Izzy Foster Wild, Suits – Burr Bridal,  Cake – One Part Love,  DJ jezzo

Sheene Mill Wedding Venue Feather & Ferns Florist Vivienne Westwood wedding shoes Burr Bridal Grooms suits One Part Love wedding cake Bride and Groom at Sheene Mill in the rain


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